Refund Policy

At WebGatter Technologies we recognize that privacy is important. This Refund Policy applies to all products and services provided by us.

1. The excess payment received through technical or other reasons will be refunded back within 15 working days from date of Refund Request.

2. The mode of refund will be electronic.

3. The total left amount (the amount will deduct of services or product which you are used.) will be refunded if the products or services are not found satisfactory (it is applicable within 30 days.).

4. The net amount refunded will be after deduction of bank charges (which is depend on bank transaction charges) and taxes charges(if applicable.).

5. In case of domains registration and SSL purchase, No refunds will be made once the domain will registered or SSL will purchased.

6. In case of abuse, WebGatter has full rights to stop services any time and No refund applicable.

8. No refunds will be made for any services or products, if not informed within 30 days.

Changes to this Refund Policy

Please note that this Refund Policy may change from time to time.